Eliptical Mobile Solutions C3 S.P.E.A.R.


The C3-S.P.E.A.R. is a 24U, NEMA 12 or optional NEMA 4 micro-modular data center that provides from 2.5KW to 6.0KW of closed loop cooling directly to the industry’s latest high-density equipment with no need for costly infrastructure. The mobile platform allows one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of electronic equipment at the push of a button.  The relocatable platform can be moved with a pallet jack. The compact and affordable C -S.P.E.A.R. provides the perfect platform for businesses and government agencies requiring a quick and cost-effective turnkey data storage solution or co-location alternative. The enclosure also is available in a ruggedized outdoor platform to deliver high performance computing in remote and nonstandard areas of the world.

EMS C3-S.P.E.A.R. Highlights:

  • NEMA 12 or optional NEMA 4 environmental protection
  • Single or dual onboard closed loop cooling
  • Mobile and relocatable platforms allow one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of equipment
  • Industry standard 19” wide X 42” deep racks are fully adjustable for depth
  • Shock and vibration isolation protects equipment from damage while being moved or during transport
  • Tamperproof CyberLock system with 400 user audit trail
  • Can operate indoors or outdoors


  • Instant Data Center or Network Closet
  • Remote Office Support
  • Infrastructure Upgrade and Hardening
  • Re-establish Communications
  • Mobile Computing
  • Offsite Data Replication
  • High-Density Zone
  • Emergency Management
  • desaster recovery

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