Rahi Systems and Daxten cooperate to enable data centre staff to easily lift heavy loads

22.06.17 08:45:00 MESZ

Daxten, a leading specialist for the optimisation of data centres, announced today a partner agreement with Rahi Systems, a Global Data Center Solutions provider offering a full suite of products in physical infrastructure, storage, compute and networking. This agreement, effective immediately, will enable Rahi Systems, to resell the complete ServerLIFT product range in the Turkish market. These lifters simplify the installation of servers and heavy IT components into cabinets and make it possible for IT personnel to transport IT equipment within the data centre by themselves.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Daxten in the Turkish market, “ said Timucin Yildirim, Director of Sales for Turkey at Rahi Systems. “With the addition of the ServerLIFT product line to our solutions portfolio, we are able to provide data centre professionals with a powerful tool to dramatically ease their day-to-day work and to protect their health.” 

In general, moving heavy and bulky IT components around the data centre and installing heavy IT-equipment in the upper levels of racks is not only physically taxing, but it also poses major risks to the health and safety of the data centre staff, as well as eliminating the potential danger of damaging sensitive and valuable IT equipment. These difficulties are compounded by the fact that today’s data centres are growing dynamically and, therefore, IT hardware has to be changed, supplemented, relocated and reconfigured ever more frequently. The ServerLIFT product range provides a solution to this problem. Model-dependent these are capable of lifting and transporting equipment weighing up to 453 kg to a maximum height of 2.66 metres with pinpoint accuracy.

“The only way to free data centre professionals from performing such risky and back-breaking work and to correspond to the increasing demands is to use a safe and easy-to-use transport and lifting solution. The ServerLIFT solutions have been specifically designed for these tasks,” said Chad Rislov, Daxten’s Managing Director. “We are very happy that Rahi Systems is now offering this data centre essential and all of its related benefits and advantages to their customers in Turkey. The company has significant experience with best-practice techniques to give targeted support to their ServerLIFT customers in terms of project planning, logistics, implementation and post-sale services.”

The ServerLIFT has optional add-on accessories such as platform risers (lifts equipment up to 3m), lift extensions for lifting loads vertically out of packaging and transport boxes as well as a tilting platform accessory to aid server installations with those tricky J-slot server rails. All products are available in Turkey from Rahi Systems with immediate effect.  For further information please contact Rahi Systems on +90 850 205 15 90, via sales.tur@rahisystems.com or visit www.rahisystems.com.