New CoolControl Matting will be on show at Daxten’s free Data Centre Event in London on 5th June

22.05.13 01:15:00 MESZ

Daxten introduces its CoolControl Matting solutions for sealing free vertical cabinet space and over-sized raised floor cable openings.

Sealing cable openings prevents bypass airflow

CoolControl Matting can seal any shape cable opening, pipe shafts or other large service openings in the raised floor. In addition it can be used under the raised floor at wall perimeters to prevent conditioned air escaping and creating unwanted bypass airflow. According to the Uptime Institute, up to 60 percent of conditioned air escapes before it reaches the IT equipment intakes it was meant to be cooling. It is very easy to solve this problem by using the cost-effective and easy to install CoolControl Matting fire-rated foamed nitrile rubber sheet panels which can simply be cut to the required size and fitted into the opening. Available in various depth sizes and roll lengths and as Daxten custom pre-cut sizes which are available upon request.

Separation of hot and cold air at rack level

CoolControl Matting can also be applied to seal vertical free space in server racks to prevent recirculation of hot exhaust air from the IT equipment. Creating a physical barrier keeps the cold air at the front of the cabinet separated from the hot air at the back and ensures conditioned air is being delivered to server equipment intake. This also helps prevent hot spots and downtime caused by overheating. This simple step is a fast and cost effective way to optimise airflow.

Essential to hot/cold aisle containment systems

In addition to the described application fields the CoolControl Matting can also be used within the hot/cold aisle containment solution. For containment solutions the CoolControl Matting seals the gaps between single racks of differing heights and widths providing a seamless air barrier between walls, ceilings, containment panels, profiles and door ends. This deployment allows for the continued separation of hot and cold air that can achieve up to 30 percent energy savings whilst eliminating hot spots and reducing hardware failures.

CoolControl Solutions from Daxten

For the Data Centre and Facility Manager who wants to ensure maximum reliability and availability, increased efficiency and at the same time reduced energy costs, it is much easier than expected. With up to 40 percent of the total energy costs going towards cooling the equipment, it is one of the largest areas consuming power within the data centre infrastructure. One positive of this is that it has the greatest potential to easily reduce energy consumption in the Data Centre. For airflow management retrofits the rules of thumb are: the separation of hot and cold air, to prevent the escape of conditioned air through unused cable openings and improve supply of cold air to the raised floor level for IT equipment intake. When using all these targeted methods and other proven recognised CoolControl best practice solutions, such as the sealing and containment of cabinets as well as the sealing of raised floor openings, up to 60 percent of the total costs for DC cooling can be saved.

Daxten Best Practices Seminars – Customers Invited

Daxten, well-known for its CoolControl products that improve energy efficiency in the Data Centre, will show the new CoolControl Matting and further products, solutions and methods to increase the cooling and power infrastructure efficiency at the free Data Centre Seminar and Networking Event being held at Daxten’s London office, 5 Manhattan Business Park, Westgate on the 5th June 2013 at 3:00pm.

Customers interested in further methods to optimise and monitor the airflow, cooling efficiency and power infrastructure in new and existing data centres, can secure a place at Daxten’s Data Centre Seminar and Networking Event by sending an email with the title “SEMINAR” to

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