Live at DCW 2013: Daxten presents highly efficient power distribution, management and monitoring solutions for the Data Centre

21.02.13 04:30:00 MEZ

To allow data centre managers the ability to gain maximum profit from their power infrastructure in terms of resource, energy and cost efficiency, Daxten is offering comprehensive solutions for the secure and flexible power supply at room, rack and IT equipment level. In addition the company provides DC personnel with field-proven and innovative tools for power monitoring. When using these, data centre experts have all power parameters in real-time including energy consumption and PUE reports at their fingertips. Daxten provides solutions for environmental monitoring that enables the DC personnel to have temperature, humidity, air pressure and airflow readings for their data centre at a glance. Last but not least DC experts can control, visualise and manage all consolidated power, environmental data and assets with customised DCIM solutions from the company portfolio. Daxten will show the following solutions and methods to increase the power infrastructure efficiency in the Data Centre at Data Centre World being held at ExCel, London on the 27th and 28th February (Stand H35):

Maximum availability, flexibility and security for critical power to server cabinets

In mission critical DC environments the reliability and availability of the IT hardware are the pillars of success. Essential for power security is a modular, scalable (to TIER classification I to IV) power distribution solution. Starline Busbar offers the solution with 100, 225, 250, 400 or 800 Amp bars that can be installed over-head or under the raised floor. The mounting of plug-ins takes only a few seconds by inserting the turn-and-lock plug into the busbar and rotating by 90 degrees. In only a few moments power outlets or drop cords are ready to power critical racks.

Secure power supply for servers and network components at rack level

For the power supply and monitoring of active hardware within data centre cabinets Daxten offers intelligent PDUs with all outlet configurations, security and protection features. Depending on model the PDUs are accessible via serial port, TCP/IP or web browser and integrate power and environmental monitoring functions. Together with vendor specific management applications or comprehensive DCIM or BMS solutions there are extended management, monitoring and security features available.

Micro Automatic Transfer Switches for the failsafe power supply for any active IT component

The fail-safe power supply on server or network device level is a vital part of physical security and reliability in any DC environment: Usually newer IT components are already equipped with an integrated power supply that can be sourced from two different circuits. But existing IT equipment very often has only one single power feed. Any interruption of this power supply will cause failures or downtime in the worst case. This can be prevented by using transfer switches that are sourced from two different power circuits. Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switches add retrofit power redundancy and a maximum of failover protection to any single power server or network device.  

Optimal resource utilisation, higher security and efficiency for the power usage

For DC or facility managers it is a high priority to ensure the most efficient use of existing power and cooling capacities. To reach this goal it is essential to monitor the power and environmental parameters on a regular basis. By doing this DC experts are able to identify, analyse and solve power, thermal or security weaknesses improving the PUE in their data centres. Daxten’s comprehensive monitoring solution offerings enable the DC personnel to centrally control and manage several hundred environmental sensors (e.g. for temperature, humidity, dew point and airflow) and current parameters like Volts, Amperes, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle und total current  for any cabinet, PDU or single IT device. All measuring points and data are accessible via serial, TCP/IP or wireless connection or via remote software.

Complete asset, load and capacity management for data centres 

DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) solutions give DC experts the graphical overview of their complete data centre infrastructure in terms of power, cooling, asset and space capacity. Proactively they can monitor and manage power and environmental conditions at facility, server room, rack and single IT device level or for components such as UPS, CRAC units, chillers and many more. Real-time status or trend reports for energy consumption, power usage effectiveness (PUE) and environmental parameters are further features of customized DCIM systems.

Smallest and most cost-effective form factor for DC extension on demand

Mobile and modular Micro Data Centres (MDC) from Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) are self-contained data centres in a rack, with up to 42U space for the integration of any kind of IT equipment. Dependent on model the MDCs contain a closed air or water cooling loop and offer optional free cooling capabilities. Different versions are available with NEMA3R, 4 or 12 environmental packages. Each MDC unit can be extended with hundreds of additional modules. Since the form factor of MDCs is even smaller than the one of containerised data centres, each capacity extension can be done exactly on demand and leads to dramatic cost-savings in comparison with container or a traditional data centre layout.

Interested customers should contact Daxten to arrange an individual demonstration to see the new products and solutions to optimise the power infrastructure in data centres of any size. Or visit Data Centre World London, on the 27th and 28th February at the DAXTEN stand H35.

For further information please contact Daxten on +44 (0) 20 8991 6200, or visit

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